Friday, September 12, 2008


Zoho Writer seems to me to be a really useful too to know about. I had no idea there were applications like this out there. I had a play around creating documents and it seemed to work pretty much in the same way that your normal Word application does. I managed to add an image simply by copying and pasting from one on one of my blog posts. I guess the idea of things like Zoho is that don't need to have Word installed on your computer to be able to create and use documents, all you need is internet access. Of course the real advantage (which I haven't test but which I gather some of my colleagues doing this exercise have) is the ability to share documents with others and give them access to be able to edit and make comments etc. Also you can get access to your documents from any computer, again simply by having internet access.

Why it's called Zoho and what that means however I have no idea!

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