Sunday, September 21, 2008


For some reason I thought this exercise might be problematic which is why I did #20 first. However, I found it to be quite straightforward. I searched Yahoo audio search to begin with but didn't find anything that interested me, so tried I searched for book reviews and came up with podcasts from KUOW public radio for Nancy Pearl's book reviews. According to Wikipedia, 'KUOW-FM (94.9 FM broadcasting) is a National Public Radio affiliate radio station in Seattle, Washington. It is the second most listened to radio station in the Seattle-Tacoma market [1] and the most listened to news radio station in the state. It is a service of the University of Washington.' From here I went into the KUOW website, clicked on the RSS link for Nancy Pearl's podcasts, copied the URL and pasted it into my bloglines account. I was then able to add it to the feeds I already had listed. Nancy Pearl is a well known American librarian who featured in The Hollywood librarian, a film about librarians in the US which was shown in a special screening at AUT last month. Podcasts are another way of disseminating information over as wide an area as possible, particularly stuff in the public domain, and allows Nancy Pearl herself to publicise books, reading and libraries and be right up in the forefront technology wise as well.

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