Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LibraryThing is very very cool, I think it's wonderful. As promised, it was ridiculously easy to sign up and begin creating your library. I think this appeals to the part of me that loves lists and catalogues and organising things. I have a lot of books at home and this would be the perfect way to catalogue them, organise them and keep the list up to date. In the past I've had a written list of the books I own, as I would sometimes want to find a particular book and couldn't remember if I still had it (boxes in cupboards etc). This can be unwieldy though, especially if you want to remove anything from the list. LibraryThing gives me the perfect way of keeping an up to date list which I can easily add to or delete from as required. You can also get lovely cover pictures which I rather like! Some of the things we've looked at in this course have been interesting to find out about but not things I think I would use. LibraryThing definitely appeals and I would use it with great enjoyment. It's also very interesting to see how many other people have your books in their library and what their views are.

Here's the link to my library:

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