Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rollyo is another of the applications we've looked at in this course which really appeals to me and which I can see having great practical applications. It was also very easy to sign up and create search rolls. I created 2, both work related. One is called Library Suppliers and in it I listed about 7 or 8 library suppliers which I use everyday when searching for books we want to purchase for the library. I did a few searches to see what would come up, and decided to delete from the list as it seemed to pull up a vast number of hits which aren't necessarily relevant. In the process of doing this I also learnt how easy it is to add and delete URLs from the search roll list. The advantage of Rollyo is being able to search across multiple sites simultaneously, in the same way as we can search a number of remote databases at the same time when looking for bib records to import. I'm not sure how reliable the information you get back is (I mean, are you really getting what you expect?) but it is certainly worth a try and very interesting to see what you find.

Here's the link to my Library Suppliers search roll:

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