Tuesday, December 8, 2009

File converters

The process for uploading a document onto Google Docs seemed extremely quick and easy. There were a few changes to the document once coverted, slight changes to the way bullets were displayed, slight change in font in one part of the document (in the original the font in the table was smaller than the rest of the document but it all appeared to be the same in the converted version), and the table had a dotted rather than a solid black line once it had been converted. These seem to me to be minor changes which could be rectified if necessary, and Google Docs is another useful tool for patrons to know about.

It seems to me to be a great idea to have these sorts of services available, free of charge, on the Internet. Then you could also have access to documents wherever there was Internet access, and have copies of documents in case originals got lost for some reason. Even email services like gmail and hotmail allow anyone, whether they have a home computer or use one at a library or Internet cafe, to have an email account and all the benefits this can bring. With free Internet access available through public libraries, all these services are open to anyone and not restricted to those who can pay or have the right equipment.

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