Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An author's perspective

I found a podcast on Authors on tour live with Lynne Truss talking about her book 'Talk to the hand'. The book is about manners, particularly when people start feeling that they're 'at home' in public places and seem unconcerned about their behaviour and how it affects other people (cellphone conversations, rude waiters, checkout operators carrying on their own conversations when serving you etc). As expected, the talk was funny and interesting, and I found myself nodding in agreement with a lot of what she said. It is interesting to hear what the author's voice sounds like and what they're like as a person - Lynne Truss seems to be at ease talking to people and although uses humour in her talk she's not consciously trying to be funny all the time.

I definitely think this sort of thing would be of interest to patrons and a useful tool for them to find information about favourite authors, new works or perhaps authors they aren't familiar with but want to know more. Probably not something you'd be able to show them in detail on the public desk, but something they may be able to use at home at their leisure.

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