Thursday, August 7, 2008

The exercise about RSS and newsfeeds has been very interesting and really opened my eyes to some of the possibilities out there in the world of Web 2.0. I've got a couple of RSS feeds for work at the moment, the eLGAR blog posts and the 'Unshelved' cartoons (which are a bit of light relief each day, and often right on the money about librarians and the work we do). However, registering on Bloglines and signing up for various newsfeeds was something completely new to me. It really was very easy to add the sites I wanted just by typing in the URL and clicking the subscribe button. I can see that this could have great benefit for me in my job as I could get useful and up to date stories about publishing, book reviews, what's popular etc, and also news stories about things of relevance such as Booker prize winners, the latest Harry Potter releases and so on. However, again I think you need to make this technology work for you because it seems to me there is the potential to either waste a lot of time or be completely overwhelmed with the volume of information you're receiving. I think it's good to consider how these things can be used most effectively which will often just be trial and error, working out what you want and need and how to use it well.

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