Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My first blog post!

This is my first post on a blog, as part of a learning exercise called '23 things', the object of which is to learn more about Web 2.0. I realise how far behind I am with lots of these things, and as I don't want to get left too far behind I thought I should make the effort and do this course. A friend of mine has already completed '23 things' and had a lot of fun in the process, so it's obviously a valuable thing to do.


Freddie Teddie said...

Well done - this is my 3rd exercise done and dusted.

Anonymous said...

I am new to blogging as well, and I am getting my daughter to help me to do this exercise!

NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Congratulations on creating a blog and embarking on this new journey of learning. Look forward to your thoughts on the programme as we work through it - sure there will be plenty to interest you.

craftwoman said...

Join the club.You are not on your own on this course. I feel the same way as you do.
I think I have mastered the digital camera. Now they have digital cellphones. Complete new field to me. Where will it all
this digital stuff end.
Good luck on the rest of the course.